"Now, more than ever, we need to focus on improving mental health. We need simple, useful tools that people can access
without barriers or complications, tools that help people better understand their hurts and help them heal themselves 
incrementally, progressively, and non-judgmentally."

I have sat back long enough watching ignorant people shape the thoughts and views of our society. I will no longer be complacent in this atrocity against humanity! I have made it my mission with this new platform to be a healthy distraction from this pervasive showmanship by displaying noble men and women who have and are working towards truly making a difference in the world, instead of just pretending to be. GainLoveLife Worldwide will not only display articles and imagery of these brave men and women, but we will also provide you with access to tools that will assist our readers in living a healthy and more fruitful life one day at a time. Regardless of your profession, you will find spotlights here that enrich your mind, body and spirit, so that we can change the climate of what this world is becoming and show the ones that look up to us, that we are not only fighting for them to have a better future, but we are putting in the work to ensure that no one gets in the way of our progress or tears down the amazing things that have already been built.

Why? I am glad you asked. As a society, we need to start holding ourselves accountable, so that these unhealthy cycles can be broken, and we can grow. We need to start looking towards our future with the eyes of a child, so that we can see the beauty of what the world could be and start from that place. For that, we need to set better examples of strength and success, so that our society can stop turning to foolish people to guide the way!

Keep in mind that this is not just my platform. It’s yours too, so send me stories of strength, promise, resilience, hope and understanding. Of hometown heroes, survivors and overcomers. Of love, patience, family and truth. We want it all, because that is what makes us the complex and magnificent individuals that we are. GainLoveLife Worldwide is not about being perfect. It is about striving to be the best version of you that you can be. We are hope, dreams and purpose – We are GainLoveLife Worldwide – A Community of Voices Coming Together as One.

Always Connecting,

Fatima Alexander
Founder and Friend

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